Sunday, May 04, 2008

guess its time to reply to tags, :p

we will derh{:
good! :D

yo, im nt closing for th time being, X:

but at least shld let me know right.
i really ned t know lah, and its nt like i will go tell other pple like tht..

shi tinqq
lols, i also looking forward t th bbQ.
hope everything turns out well ><.

тнє ®on [sweet™]
i nv lorh! is a fact what.

you tuh, & i will luhs[:

you always say tht.
but you dun do it.
you dun do th correct things.
but certain pple always say tht what you do is correct.
which makes you think tht you are correct,
whereby in actual fact, you're not.
get it? (:

i missed th appointments for 3 times alrd.
and a few times late.
nobody reminded me nor my mum.
so, th appointment time is at 11am,
i woke up at 11.33am.

then i went t see my handph th calendar.
and its like ytr's date is bold.
then i went t check, it says checkup.
then i was like.
WTF, -.-!

i still went.
and th nurse gave me another date, -.-

im off t manga, byebyes. {:

together with you, :D