Monday, May 05, 2008

hullos, {:

me & nadin spent half of it in th toilet.
i stomachache luhs!
from last night.

then music.
mrslow dint come cos she's still on leave, duh :D

mrstay nv come tday.
nor tmr.
hope she is feeling okay luhs.

then recess, looked for mryeo and mrchan.
then blahblahs, :D
(♥), ! :D

& then uh, science.
just go through worksheet, then free period.
for revising.
but we dint really revise luhs. xD

then mt,
I tried using my left hand t write.
Its difficult okie ! :D

then Eng.
went through th marking scheme thing and blahblahs.
I really was falling asleep! :/

then we talked about movies.
hahahahs, it was fun lah.
then tht Ian.
th moment we talk about Saw he very excited.

then went kfc.
with JiaXin, Sarah, HuiEn, Jeron, Jordan & Ian.
ilovethcheese! :D
then we had a good laugh about some stuffs.
th whole kfc filled with our voices luh! :/

then we keep complaining t th rest about tht thing.
then came up with some conclusions.
then bus-ed home with Jiaxin.

If you think you can do it better than us,
go ahead and try it.

But at th end of your planning,
if we're not happy with anything,

You go and redo everything. [: