Sunday, February 10, 2008



i finally got out of th hse tday. xD
met kristie at th interchange,dhen went JEC.
bought movie tickets for me, kristie, jiaxin, edmund, leon &benjamin.

dhen went to take neoprints.
was dam funny luh.
esp when th guys did th suckupCORK sign. LOL.
&leon go wear green shirt, &th background is green, so he kanna camouflaged. :D

dhen bought nachos + popcorns + drinks with Edmund's $10.
buy until left one dollar nia :X
watched KungFu Dunk.
is damn nice lahhh! {:
i wanna go watch againn. [:

dhen ate at Long John Silver.
&followed th guys to Chervrons ther,played bowling.
then th guys went home.
me, kristie and Jiaxin went bacq to JEC on the shuttle bus.
then took neos againn. xD
thenn took bus home with Jiaxin.

i've got a lot of books tht i wanna buy luh.
but cann0t bear to leave my angbao money. xD

&&,valentines is c0ming closer ! :D
Im really gonna be totally bankrupt after vday.
cos have tuh get so many flowers for my girlfriends. :X

i have given up alredy.