Saturday, February 16, 2008


I dun give a damn if you want to confiscate my phone.
you said tht if i wants my phone back I have to save enuff money for the bills.
fine !

Now i totally broke. I no money at all.
I want go work during the holidays, you dont let !
Then how am I supposed to save money for the bills ?!
you want me everyday dun eat and use my pocket money to save is it ?!

Everytime you make me do all the housework, you sit in front of the computer and play !
I play a while nia, you tell me to stop !
Then Brother play so long, you never say anything at all !

I want go out, also cannot !
I using my own savings you know.
Not your money.

you say my studies not good, so cannot work.
my maths never failed once from the start of the yr okaye !
you know tht i last yr not even one maths test pass.
I've alredy shown great improvement by not failing any math test !

Nowadays go ppl's hse do projects also ned tell you beforehand.
Then other people all can stay back until so late, you want me go home !

I want use my own money buy clothes, cannot.
Buy books, cannot.
Buy anything also cannot !

Im not smth you use to compare with other people okaye !
So stop camparing me with your frens' children !