Tuesday, February 26, 2008

ahhas. back to update.

ytr !
aka charmeLEON.

went t find ShengRong aft sch(:
then me and Kristie got $20 from him and Bryan.

chionged t cake shop t buy cake for tht leonnnnn. xD
then pangseh-ed nadin, sorry for tht yea.
aft buying th cake, Kristie went CK buy lighter.
I helped her t buy our lunch.
supposed t be milktea.
duno why th uncle gave blueberry milktea lah !
its scuks. :D

then saw mrs tay at th spiral staircase,
so ran back to class from th side stairs.

went to s6 aft sch.
duno where everybody go.
slacked there while waiting for ShengRong's lessons to end.

we were going to start singing th song, when Benjamin & Jiaxin came.
it was so uhhs.
anyway, we quickly sang finished th song and cut th cake.

then ZiQi started a cake fight.
heng i nv kanna any luh :D
washed and clean up.

then they all went home.
me and Kristie stayed in s6 talking about random stuffs.

then Kristie accompanied me t th bus stop(:
thankq! :D

tday !
math test, im going to flunk pass flunk it.
i dint even get t complete th paper.

after sch went s6 agn.
they were still having lessons.

then me, kristie & ZiQi sat at th stone benches in th middle.
then we went lunch later.

me and ZiQi went other way cos we ned buy stuff.
and when we got back they were finishing alredy.
so waited.
then walked back sch.

slacked in s6 for awhile,then went basketball court.
watched them play bball agn luh.
talked, and then ltr me &Kristie went out t buy drinks for everyone.
using ShengRong's money.

then came back sch with 8 bottles of green tea.
then sat down and talked agn, some of them played bball.
Ian & Adrian kept suan-ing me -.-

slacked around, and went home with ChenHui, ZiQi, ShengRong & Benjo.
ShengRong had to go cos his ph and wallet is with me :D
then bus-ed home on 99.

it was a total fiasco.