Wednesday, October 24, 2007

yo`! (:
posting agn-

right after i posted my previous post, my knee ther gt scratched by th comp`s CD drive.
LOOL.dun0 whu the hell go open it,dhen when i walk past it, kena scratched.
anw,my mood gt slightly better,cause i aimed a box at Hazairi,&it hit his face. xD
its damn accurate l0.dhen we keep throwing boxes across. l0lx.
dhen after th Flash thingy,went outside &stay ther wib Jiaxin &Ziqi dun0 d0 whad.
then smses &calls start coming in,LOL.

took bus t JEC t meet zu0en &tzehwee ba0beiis. xP
dhen went mac &eat while waiting for alicia ba0bei.
wait ther for very long bef0re she came luhhs =x
cause JVSS release them at ONE.& YCSS &FHSS release at 12, so its like very long l0.
dhen went to take ne0s.
dhen slack around &went home.
th moment me &zu0enx baobei alight from th bus,we saw zeke &dun0 whu -.o
then we went seperate ways.
when i gg cross th trafficlight,i hear someone call me.then realised that its my ggd.
then we shout across the road. LOL.
then went to her le, its bcause she went biking wib Ziqi &their frens.
so I was like, OHH.
then went home luh.

&my brother gt a CASHCARD.wthh.
from my primary sch, that is to say, his school, that is to say, SQPS.
a `cashhcard` mann. can use at 7-eleven, Cheers, Cold Storage &all those stores &petrol stations.
so good.LOL X:

X3 all of you, xD
LOL,i dun0 whad am i talking about.

thats right.