Wednesday, October 31, 2007

whee`! long time nvr blog le, psps :P
that time actually want to blog about the newspaper collection thing &the cross country run de.
bt its like, wah, so long le, so nvm bah.(:

mm,very busy nowadays, LOOL.
later need go back to sch take report book, dhen gib passport to ms yau, then go choir.
sians, then nxt friday need go back sch for rehearsal &briefings again.
&&then next next saturday gt even more things -.-
1` Open House (10am-4pm)
2` Choir [Performance] (8am-4pm)
3` Dance (8am-10am)
4` Meeting (1pm-2.30pm)
5` Help with the Class`s stalls

i will go crazy de lo. how am I supposed to do this many things at one time? X:

anyways, Happey Birthday to ALBERT`!
actually i already sms him,bt whu cares lah.
&& Happey Halloween`s !


Çlσµd LOOL.return your tag le(:
-zuoenn. rofl.dhen i go your blog taq likke that also bah. lols,lmao.(: ue have a gd holiday too.
diiyanahh yo! diyanah`!(: I also will de. &iLOVEyanah`!
aishah LOOL.i also will miss ue de mah. i`ll miss everyone!
shi tinqq=x l0lx. ya lah, gd girl.(:
cheowyi. l0l.thks ;D

mm,nw okays le bah.
i go watch naruto agn le, whees! :P