Wednesday, October 21, 2009

End of exams!

Ummmmm hello?
I doubt that anyone will still come here because my blog died for like two weeks! But now I'm here to revive it :D

I'm happy that I kept my promise to not blog during the exam period.. But the thing is I still used the computer everyday like usual, even though I never blog :/

And I finally finished with my blog @ Tumblr, took me long enough to figure out how to work that thing :/

Alrighhhhhht. I went to the library today and borrowed six books again. I feel so.. (insert word here) when I see the stack of books! It's a really nice feeling (:

And I just helped JiaXin update her blog. Really hope she get chosen! :)

Anyway 3 October, mid-autumn festival! (Wanted to update but was during exam period.)

Went to the park/playground. Wanted to celebrate but the rain just stopped and everywhere was wet! So went to one of the HDB flats, played candles and sparklers! I know this is very childish but most of them are like younger than me kay!

Then moved to the park, lit one whole longggggg row of candles along the seats. Then sat down and chat for awhile, and played Captain's Ball. Damn fun! I know I haven't had such fun in a lonnnnnggggg time :) Then chat again, waiting for so-called the "brightest moon of the century" according to WenJun. Then went home around 12 plus.

The thing that I remember most is, Sat Aung was wearing pyjamas! Okay lah, the main thing is the pair of Crocs that he's wearing!! Damn gay I swear. Some bright blue, aqua maybe? Then he told us he had another pair in Purple. *faints*

Hmmmm. My everyday life is so boring. You can just skip the whole chunk above :)

End of exams, so happy.
Okay bye! Post next time.