Thursday, March 05, 2009


Hellooooo! :]
JiaXin just went home not long ago ._. And she was playing Audition with my computer, that's why I'm posting so late today.

Anywwwww, today was Physics paper. I didn't manage to finish leh! Confirm fail liaoxzxzxzx D:
Then Humanities, and recess. After that was Chemistry, the class was throwing chocolates around(WASTE FOOD.) Then English. But Ms Chua was absent, so Mdm Yee took over the two periods x.x After that was Math again, which is the actual Math periods. So shagged after the two straight hours of Amath. Zzz. Then lunch break, and went back class for MT. Got back our papers. I'm super dissappointed with my results.

Bused home with JiaXin and Felicia, both of them came to my house, and we're supposedly to be studying for Amath paper tomorrow at my place.
But then there were too many distractions in my house, let me list a few.
- Computer
- Handphone
- Bed

Computer is natural, cause you-know-what. And my bro was playing Maple, so damn loud can. Handphone, well, it's natural too right? X: I said bed is because we felt very comfy and then will fall asleep x.x

Well anyw, we ended up trying on clothes o.o Then we were just chatting in my room lah. After that I started playing songs on my handphone, and Felicia started to feel sleepy x.x So we all went to lie down on my comfy bed(s), wanted to nap for a short while. But in the end didn't cause of my noisy brother.

After that went to use computer, played Karaokeparty. Was fun! :D Keep over there singing, especially Ng Jia Xin. LOLOL. She pro lah, got the highest score leh ;D So in the end didn't manage to study at all ): Felicia went home first, then JiaXin went home around 7plus I think.

And I just ate KFC :o Am gonna be so fat. And wondering what to wear on Saturday x.x Okayyyyy, I shall try and study Amath now! Bye!

P/s, I think my place is JiaXin's third home(Notice I said third, cause her second home is the school), because she everyday been coming over :D

And some funny stuffs over the week.
Ms Chua was going through our paper, and then there was this particular question where there's a lot of funny answers. Apparently, KuehLapis's(KerJie/Nickson) answer was one of them.
"I would be most concerned about being used as child labour to manufacture the official 2008 Beijing Olympics souvenirs."
L-O-L right?!