Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sports Carnival

Boo . I only just reached home lah.
After school needed to go for Sports Carnival. Cleaned the messy whiteboard, then recorded the scores at parade square. At first was still okay lah, but then after that started to feel a bit pissed.

Went up to the hall to continue the Captain's Ball games for Sec 4 & 5 cause started raining, and the Dodgeball teams already finished playing lor. So, used the whole hall. People were unhappy due to some decisions and changes to the rules we made. Saw people argue, unhappy, pissed, tired.

Then its like already very late when it ended, around 8plus. So Mr Fong say all of us are excused, no need hand in any homework tomorrow, yayyyy ;D

Then in the end we still had to clear up all the rubbish for the Sec 4 & 5. You should have seen the mess they made in the hall. Actually shouldn't be us doing the job, but thanks to the maintainence rep going off without telling anybody, we had to do her job for her.

Dragged chairs, clear rubbish, collected back whistles, counted and made sure everything was there and no missing stuff, then helped Ben Loo take his stuff and followed him and a few other people to the PE room. Waited for that Mr Fong there for don't know how long. Janelyn, PeiShi, me were waiting for our parents to pick us up, so shun bian pei Ben Loo, Leslie and the guys wait for Mr Fong.

We went to the front porch to put our bags down, and when we wanted to go back to the PE room, the auntie nagged at us and told us to take our bags and go. She didn't want to listen when we told her we're not allowed to go yet and there is still a teacher in school. So heck care her, just go back. Then Mr Fong finally arriveddddd. Then the auntie want close the gate already, so went out. Mr Fong drove a few of them back. Then my dad was like damn -. Waited for vvv long for him.

I guess I now know what CCA Councillors are for.
We work so hard to organise a Sports Carnival for the students, get all the blame when something go wrong, become the target when people are unhappy, and do all the dirty work for them.
Okay, maybe there are some fun parts too, Idk.

ROAR, my feet vvv tired, and is aching now x.x Tomorrow still have to go school early for Prefects' camp briefing. D: Good thing, no maths tomorrow, and no need hand in homework :D
OKAYYY, I'm tired. Bye.

Might update tomorrow. I said might only!

It's like so lame can. you said that you hate people who only know how to copy others, yet you yourself go copy me, somemore word by word leh. So is it like you hate yourself? -.- Please at least credit me or something right? LOL.