Tuesday, March 31, 2009



I'm crapping with Alfred on msn now. Then he was like very depressed at one time, so I said: Chillax. And he asked me is it: Chilli with an axe. LOL! Then his brother keep pulling out the cable, so he keep online offline online offline. lolol ~ I love talking to Alfredo, as I can talk to him about everything and anything :D


Ms Lim very cute.
"Dear all, ms lim has submitted our project. Finally! But I'm feeling mixed as the past few meetings have been really fun... and funny. Ian's laughter is contagious. I'm :D to work with each of you. I'll message you if we're selected for the next round. Till then... keep expectations low ah so won't be dissappointed. Cya around!"
HAHAHA. It's cause Ian keep laughing for no reason! Then make us all laugh also.

And omg, the constipation advertisement is so funny! HAHAHA. Aiyah, you watch Channel 8 will know ler .___. Okay sorry, I know this is random :/
Okay, byebye!