Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Yows .
Tday went internet cafe @ boonlay.
Th guys got cheated of their money uh! D:
Well, kinda.
We kept cursing th pple ;X

We went from one to another, then finally got to one at th corner.
Played for one hr, then went to eat lunch.
Then went back & played for another 3 hrs.

Walked to wenjun's hse for dinner.
JiaXin came and returned Twilight & New Moon to me.
Then watched tv, play mahjong, play cards.
Forfeit is push-ups.
WenJun & JunYuan always lose one, hah.
Then went home at ten plus.

Im booked for th next two days!
No time for my hmwk :/
Tmr gng out wif th pple who went taichang'07.
Then on th 1st got cell grp outing to west coast.
Then friday sch reopen ler! x.x
Alright, ciao.