Thursday, December 25, 2008

Yows~ :D
ytr went church.
with my brother, wenjun, ziyan, junyuan, jinfu.
dad drove us there.
th car so small, then have to seat six pple siol.
somemore we all so fat ;x

anw, went to city harvest.
then sing songs ah.
then watch th drama, operation "save the world".
very funny loh. xD
then sing agn, and then its th candlelight service time.
th sight is very pretty ah, cos we sitting at th top there.
then prayer time, and we went for fellowship(?) .

got arnd.. 15 pple or more.
went to th coffeeshop nearby, for dinner.
well, we didnt eat.
watch them eat nia.
then we very hungry lorh, :/
then blahblahblah.
wait for junyuan to finish his noodles, took bus home.

mum says she found Eclipse! xD
then everytime i online Audi, also no one online one lor.
Tell TX to pei me, he dont want.
Keep saying he is a noob -.-

& then it seems decided alrd lorh.
I hope he wont get angry or smth, though its hard not to.
Now th situation very awkward alrd.
He keeps questioning us about awkward things lah.
Idk who to help lor.
She's planning to tell him after his birthday.
I seriously dunwan this to happen D:

Its not gonna be a pleasant new yr.

Merry merry christmas ~ :D