Friday, December 19, 2008

Boring siah.
I finished Breaking Dawn in 3 days -.-!
Then now nothing to read agn.
Have to make a trip to jurong point to buy New Moon & Eclipse.
Don't even knw tmr gng there watch Twilight or not.
Then don't feel like reading manga or watching anime.
And im not trying to think about th holiday work either.

this morning very funny.
I just finished talking wif my mum over th ph, then th ph rang agn.
I tot it was my mum right, so i said in my low 'sexy' voice, hello?
In th end it was Mdm Siti calling -.-
then she ask if i just woke up or sick. Lmao.
then i cough until my voice is back to normal, then continue talking to her.
LOL. then played computer th whole day ah.
No bks to read :[

Been having headaches siah :/
Sian diao.
I mean like. I ask them if they were going to watch movie tmr.
I alrd told them where, when, what before.
But. They have to ask you where? Then what time?
IN THE END. They just stop replying you after you answer their questions.
And they hvnt even answered your question -.-!
Its darn frustrating can! ZZZ.
Okay. Mayb im over-reacting.
Cos not all people do that. But oh well. ;]

Right. Im signing off :D