Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Im back! YAHHAH.
anw, warning y' all first.
its gonna be a suuuuper long post.
probably th longest i've ever posted. HAH.

th above were taken during 16th, 17th, 18th Nov.
when i went to genting with samantha & clique.

waited for 3hrs when we reached there before we can check in.
adults went casino, so we're free ;x
dinner @ pizzahut, then went to sam's rm.
then 5 of us fell aslp in 2 beds O:

then nxt day we bought tix & went for rides.
i like th roller coaster, even though its not as nice as th outdoor one.
qiqi shouting all th way, but i was laughing instead :/
went arcade. redeemed a rubik's cube ea, & some other stuffs.
then went kbox-ing.
bowling afterwards. darren's score was zero at th end ;o
adults went casino agn.
went to my rm. talked for awhile.
then went out agn. had mac for supper ;x
then went arcade, & decided to go internet cafe.
stayed there till 1.30am i think, and went back & slept.

last day, just had breakfast, went to see samantha off.
then took bus to my uncle's hse.
watched some cartoons there with all my cousins.

aunt's birthday celebration .
1st pic- aunt's birthday cake, 2nd/3rd pic- kylie & xueying, 4th pic- my mother & aunt.

See! Bryan's photos took up th most space in this post ;D
but cant help it lah, he's so adorable :]

then as you can see, from 19th - 25th Nov,
th routine was camwhoring, watching cartoons, playing DJmax on my bro's psp, eating, sleeping, camwhoring, playing DJmax, camwhoring, eating, camwhoring, sleeping.
LOL :/

okay lah. we did some other things.
xueying's cousins came on 21 Nov.
we were out watching movie then.

went genting agn on 23rd Nov.
this time with my uncle, aunt, cousins & grandparents.
had a lot of fun ;D

went dwn to my aunt's apartment to celebrate her birthday on th 24th.
which is actually eating lah ;x

then on th 25th, we were gamblingplaying poker cards till 12+ .
very fun-ny :D:D

anw, we brought winson along this time :D

im so jealous of his long lashes can! ;X
HAH, Okay.
End of post.
Gonna watch shugo chara! :D