Thursday, October 16, 2008

my mum is blaming me cos' i dint see there were clothes on th pole outside when i closed th windows when it was raining.
but please lah, I really nv see also cannot blame me right.
you shld have done it yourself in th first place, not call me to go and do it -.-
siann diao.

tday sch was quite boring.
history , since alrd finish teaching everything,
mr ng let us watch th Elizabeth: The Golden Age der trailer -.-
lols, to let us knw more about elizabeth th first.
& mr ng bought us sweets & tidbits :D
but using th money he collected from those who always nv bring books/notes .

then art, did pencil drawing again, since we completed th wire sculpture thingy .
was quite boring alrights :/

then math, got back my paper 2.
fail! but i still pass my overall, heh .
blahblahblah, then recess.

chinese ,
got pple use ava room, so we had t go commerce rm instead . rawr !
it was very stuffy, but somehow i got a seat directly under th fan :D
then jianyuan complain t mstai, say i mai4 yu2 der -.-
p/s. sell fish.

then science .
mr chan only came in for like, 10 mins .
then ms chan take over t go thru our hme econs paper.

& then english .
got back compre.
one more mark then pass ! ):
but duh , i pass overall.
iantan was so agitated lah .

oh btw !
we got our class pets ! :D
th first one was a snail.
eleazar found it ouside th classrm, at th drain .
it almost died , thanks t eleazar.
but luckily it didnt :)
and then he named it gary goh :D
& he said tht he is gng t bring a sponge t sch tmr, to put in gary's hme.
eleazar pro right ! hahha .
then i told him t buy a pineapple also :D

th second pet was also a snail .
lol~ :D
i found this one at th drain also .
so nadin plucked it from th drain and put it into th container with gary goh :D
nadin named this one lary loh. :D
hahhah , so cute lah !
then shi ting & tingting was so scared of them.
dun even dare t hold th container , lols .
then went hme lor! :D

so now, we have two class pets ,
gary goh & lary loh ! :D

photos are at class blog! :)

& , im posting my kns results :D

paper one ,
paper two ,
overall , 60/100 .

paper one ,
paper two ,
oral ,
overall , 72/100 .

paper one ,
paper two ,

sectionA ,
sectionB ,
sectionC ,
overall , 58/100

history ,

home econs ,

im super disapointed with my results lahh ):
alright , ciao! :D