Friday, October 31, 2008

th bbq was totally boring .
to me, at least .
& some people, plse dont go arnd saying what, i criticize y'all or smth k.
cos' its just what i feel.
if i dont even have th right t say my feelings, ohmigod, i'd rather die.

ohk, anw.
it sucks . kindof.
first, we blahblahblahed.
then we waited.
& blahhhh , slack arnd.
then blahblah.

i dont even feel like playing anything after , nisa-knows-what .
then blahblahblah.
me & nisa had a long chat.
about everything . hahha .
I love her can :]
Nisa rocks! Wooooh .

Right. Byeb.