Tuesday, May 13, 2008

from ytr derh post, im only letting this stay.
thanks Alfred, [:
thanks t everyone who made me laugh.

each & every smile is treasured.
shed no more tears, & laugh.
all of you.

Im happy, laughing, pissed, angry, frowning, thinking, confused, crying, screaming, wondering.

pple are sure t burst long ago alrd, if you can really have so many feelings inside you at once.
but plse, stop adding more feelings t me, cos im really alrd trying my very best t bear with it.
continue t add, & im just gonna burst.
- like that. no more me.

one whole post dedicated for me.
nice going boy,
but its nt gonna work, not anymore.

im so tired.
now im even more tired.
im nt posting anymore.