Monday, May 12, 2008

hohs. :D

wth -.-
my mum is telling my grandma thru th ph tht i tried t sms her ytr.
lols. when i dint, in fact -.-
i think, tht is t make my grandma happy.


reading, in th hall.
duno y also.

then mt.
got back our paper two.
our class results quite lousy :/
I got 48.
then listening is 9/10.

after tht is lit.
its like mrlee give out a lot of papers.
i mean, nt he give out, is he tell other pple t give out.
then its like free time? :D
i duno what he told us t do, but no one listened anyway :D

then recess.
tht was a bit uhm, embarrassing? :/
cos i dint even see - & so was walking straight -.-

uhs, then.
me. :D
M-E, not me [:
dis is th funny part.

mrsyan gave out th scenario thingy agn.
then our grp spot th word all at one, tgt.

Shi Ting & Cheena: what is petting ?
th rest: *laugh* !

then, we tried very hard to explain.
p/s. i bolded th words exactly like what shi ting told me t do [:

Me: uhs. petting is a positively retro word for * ahems * masturbating.
Jolene: yah yah.
Jeslynn: smth like tht.
Shi Ting & Cheena: orh.. What is masturbating?
th rest: * laughs more !*

then Jeslynn & Jolene started using their pens and liquid t explain & demo. xD
they very cute lah :D
then we keep laughing & dint write a single thing at th end of th 25 mins. :X
after tht, somehow, Jeslynn started using th pens t explain what is blowjob -.-
she was like,
*point* this is th head. *point* this is th legs.
*point* this is th head. *point* this is th legs.
then she put th two pens tgt in th opposite way.
making it head & leg, head & leg.
& we ended up laughing agn :/

i skipped some parts cos its nt suitable for kids.
okie, enuf of dis i guess.

after ME is. Music.
mrs low still on no-pay leave.
so dahdahdah.

then dnt.
or d&t.
got bacq our papers also.
I got 13 ! *twist*
Ok, i know i failed, but yeah, just twist lorh.
I damn jealous of HuiLun siah.
He anyhow do also can get 28.
pass somemore.
so gd luhs.

then practical tht time, Kristie broke th saw thingy into half.
As in th needle part. or smth like tht.
she pro siah/
Kristie, pro :D
then you shld have seen Sarah/Jeron derh acrylic piece.
its very wavy. lol.
then blahblahs.

& sch ends here{:
when walking t th busstop with Nadin, I saw a guy in pe shirt.
then he waved t me.
& waved.
& waved.
then finally, I turned t Nadin & asked; who is tht?
she turned arnd and stared for awhile.
then Javan say; Byebye *waves*
Nadin: Orh~ Javan lorh.
then i started laughing like hell. lol. :/
I mean, we*

I couldn't recognize him at all, thanks t my eyes.
and Nadin only knew it was him after he talk.
Cos, he has a distinct voice, according t Nadin.
after dis, Ian suddenly appeared behind us.

when i alighted at th busstop, I saw my bro.
he gng kfc buy lunch agn -.-
so i just accompanied him.
then he saw his two tuition tchers eating there.
they're freaking tall -.-!
lol. this is totally random [:

i pok liao, after paying for th class tee.
then still got bbQ. :XX

oh! smth else to add.
i edited th post t add this, as requested by JESLYNN :D
Petting: th activity of kissing and touching someone as part of a sexual activity.

is dis post long enuf? :D
okaye, toodle :D