Sunday, April 20, 2008

water is finally back :D
ytr night walked t my cousins' hse with my brother.
then bathed.
its like 11 plus?

and ate sushi :D !
then watched some videos & stuff.
and watch movie.
its supposed t be a horror movie, but its nt scary at all.
throughout th whole movie only about ten zombies appeared?
lmao :D

then talked with ZiYan for awhile,
while my WenJun and my brother playing playstaion.

walked back home.
reached home arnd 1 plus.
then sleep.
dis afternoon woke up at 1 :/

its just plain stupid .
why am i even caring about it ?

i want more sushi ! :D
i want t eat a lot of things luh :/
nvrm, i go 7-eleven buy now :D
byebye {: