Thursday, April 17, 2008

Rahs(!), after my long hiatus from neos, im addicted t it agn XX:
After ytr, :D

i wan take neos with CIKGU FADIAH, GAWSHITING, DIYANAH, CHEENA, WEIHAO, ALFRED, SARAH && lots of other pple! :D
I also want take with Elmo der, and th NTR one! :D

If there is a super duper big machine, i want take with th whole 2i2 !:D

ohs!anyways, i think i may be going out t JEC with th malay class pple and Cikgu Fadiah t take neos soon :D

i want go movie also ! D:
i duno how long nv go lerh ._.

im super dead.
tmr is PW, our grp is supposed t be presenting, but we hvnt done th video AND th ppt AND script !
gahs, and there is so much hmwk as usual. D:

after sch is FUN ! :D
lucky mrstay got meeting, so she let us go earlier for th extra lessons.

then went t find mschen at 3s7, she still teaching,
so we went t eat first.

then we took th board from her aft tht, & went t th lib.
alot of pple studying there so we cant speak too loud.
but then also cannot hear our voices from th vid.

then walked up and down alot of times.
and went t th hall cos it was empty.

then blahs.
we dint do anything in th end -.-!

then went bacq t class, and hahahahs(!), i got th power t bring a whole grp of pple with me. XX:
lols, kidding.
Jiaxin, Alfred, Ian, HuiLun, LaiHeng, penguin, Nicholas Lam, Eleazar, Nisa and some other pple all went t th hall with me. :D

then thts when we had lots of fun :D !
some of them doing work while singing, or rather, screeching :D
then i played ju hua tai, and me & nisa tried t sing th highhigh pitch one, like th one tht we sang in choir.
then Alfred, HuiLun & Ian started humming th tune.
in th SUPER high pitch .
o.o !
p/s.and suprisingly, they can reach th pitch. mayb we shall recommend them t ms angela :D

i recorded it down, but then i cannot upload now.
mayb tmr in sch i'll go upload :D


then this is what we did.

then me, Jiaxin, Nicholas Lam, Nisa & Huilun went home arnd 4.30 bahs.
bus-ed home with Jiaxin then.

lalas, it was fun in th hall :D