Wednesday, April 09, 2008

♥! {imy alrd.}

i duno why,
but i like dis picture :D


hello pple.
sorry for not posting ytr.

geog. mslim say our presentation was nice.
&. your reaction no ned so big right.

then lit.
got back lit test, got 15/30.

then recess.

and then is mt.
you make it sound like its so serious.
ban men nong fu.

then maths,
millions of brain cells dying every few seconds.

then actually is science,
but have mass assembly. :D

then they released us really late.
stupid tcher.
tell mdm oen t give th prize presentation tmr.
i wan know th results lah ! D:
then at 2.30, they finally decided t release us.

went back class take bags, then went canteen wait for cheena t eat.
then went t hall. there was nobody there -.-
Shi Ting & Nadin came.
then blahblahs.

& th cheering thing started.
then shout shout.
see her face dun feel lyk shouting or cheering lerh -.-
anyways. we "competed" against iOne.
then blahs, saw ta :D
then stayed back t wait for Shi Ting & Nadin.

after tht me, shiting, nadin & cheena went mac.
had dinner there.{:
then walked t th busstop.
halfway saw Ian they all.
p/s.they just finished playing dodge ballbottle.

walked t th busstop with Ian, Nadin, Alfred & Jeslynn.
i was so high luh {:
or you can say tht im finally ziHIGH-ing agn.
I was singing th cheers all th way. xD

I say LeeFong you say King !
leefong KING ! leefong KING ! :D
thts what im saying all th time :D
and& i get a loud reply{:

then we sang a lot of other cheers also.
all th pple looking at us. :D
cos we're too high.
Or shld i say me and Ian very high. [:

I say CheowYi you say MEE !
cheowyi MEE ! cheowyi MEE !

I say ShiTing you say GAW(gao) !
shiting GAW ! shiting GAW !
p/s.its SHI TING, not shiting [:

I say Jiayi you say HIGH !
jiayi HIGH ! jiayi HIGH !
p/ high. not low. xD

stupid alfred say.
shortie is what you are.
jiayi, and thts her name.
fishyou luhs. X:

lols. anyways.
bus-ed home with them too :D
it was a fun day.
(only after th tunnelball cheering thing)