Sunday, March 16, 2008

uhs. tday, yes.
Jiaxin's call woke me up.
I was still sleeping when she called.

then I went bacq t sleep after I hang up.XX:
woke up one hr ltr.

Got readyy t go meet Jiaxin at th busstop.
Went out of my hse arnd 1.05pm, then wait for Jiaxin.
Took 99 t Juying Primary there.

We reached 10mins earlier so called Alfred t come fetch us.
Wait until 1.30 then they come.
(*they= alfred & HuiLun)
th sight was super funny lah ! :D
Alfred on his bike, with HuiLun running behind. Rofl.

then was about t go when we suddenly rmb about Nadin.
So called her, and she say she 3 more busstops then reach le.
In th end we wait until 2plus then she come -.-
Some more raining.
Next time if Nadin is late, dun bother t wait for her. xD

walked t Alfred's hse.
so biq luhs, i so jealous.XX:
went up t his room.

Then Jiaxin go online msn talk with her ex -.-
So we waited & waited. Until Alfred's little brother decided t let us use th laptop.
Then we started doing. Or shld I say, I started doing.
Nadin & Jiaxin playing rubic's cube. Alfred & HuiLun playing video game.
Then Alfred keep playing th same song lah.
Play until we can memorise th lyrics alrd -.-'

Then like finally they decided t do -.-
So yea, finished in about 25 mins.
Slacked awhile more, then th girls left.
took 99, nadin alighted earlier.
Me & Jiaxin took th bus until Benjamin's stop then alighted.
Then we saw Edmund, Leon & Benjo playing bball at th hdb flat there.

& then walked t colour court.
watched them play bball.
I lyk damn extra there lah.
Cos I dun play bball ?

Then Benjo throw th ball at me, I throw t Jiaxin, & she throw bacq t them.

then stayed awhile only, &left.
Actually wanted t walk t th busstop.
But we were lost -.-
its too biq there, and we're not familiar with tht area luhs .__.

So called Edmund t call Benjo.
Then Benjamin went t find us.
& he brought us t th busstop.

bus-ed home,
& talked for awhile under my block.
then went our separate ways.

& now, I still haven't touched any homework form where I left them.
So, Jiayi ned t go do them now, before she zi high agn.
And, if not, tmr she's gonna be scolded like shyt agains.

So byebyees here ! :D