Tuesday, February 05, 2008

reading,went for th chit chat session or smth.
darn funny luh.

dhen PW,nad caught by ms chen cause she doing her geog worksheet.then nadin look very buay sonq. lols.
aft tht is geog.we all never do finish, so nvr hand in. xD

recess,went with them for th prefect duties agn.
patrol th corridoors; walk here walk there.

then english,went comp lab.
mt, &then lit.
me & Kristie keep chatting dhen the LeeFK tell us to read chapt 5.
we read few words,he stop us and wanted to explain meaning or whadeva -.-
then we spent half an hour reading one &half pages.

after sch had malay conversational.

before tht me &nadin went into the boys' toilet at second floor.
gt a aunty in ther cleaning.dhen nad shouted; hello aunty.
th aunty screamed at us luhs -.-
faster run away XD. after tht nad say the aunty look like Cruella, hair half white half black. LOL/

then slacked in malay class.
gossiped &played with tcher Fadiah.
dhen lessons end le she treated us to icecreams.
took photos at th playground.
&took bus home with her.

tmr CNY,going back shuqun.
&can wear PE to school. whees.

omg luhs, only know each other for how many days ?!
dhen so close. she no lian one luhs.
talk about it as if its no one's business.

&&,杨贵妃 still havent found her 唐明皇 !

she loves her DynastyWarriors, HobbitClubbers, &all those dear frens of hers.