Wednesday, January 09, 2008

went for the LJ after sch.
was quite boring. the toilet at ford minor dam smelly de.
dhen go the duno whad temple. took a lot of sweets ther. xD

dhen went back sch.
was going home when Ziqi called kristie to tell us to go bball court.
so went down lorh. and the few of them were playing bball.

dhen suddenly dhey went siao and played with water.
poured and sprayed water everywhere.
ziqi, kristie, leon, edmund, shengrong.
dhen i nvr do anything kristie go pour cold water on my back,
everyone was wet larh.

dhen went to bus stop with them,
in the end me and ziqi walked home.

diner suck.
was so dam pissed off afterwards.
i aso nort in the wrong can.

im feeling so sian now,
ned charge batt le. lols :D