Friday, January 04, 2008

sians lah.
first day of sch kena scolded le.
for nort bringing chinese holis hw,
actually is nt nvr bring, is nvr do. xD

uhs, dhen the tchers.
maths tcher MRS TAY !
walao, she sucks. she sucks. she sucks. :X
english is mr terence yeo, same as last yr.
chinese, ms dai ruo fang or tai or whadever lahs.
science and pe is mr chan.
geog,mrs winnie yan.the new tcher, makeup too heavy le lah~
lit &moral education both mr lee fong king.toot de.

maths early in th morning.
sian larh, have to face mrs tay when im not even wide awake.
dhen PE we stay in class.

during lit mr lee show us the whale rider movie, dhen see until can sleep.
as in when he explains.
and he dun0 whad smth is called,
he say; the.. the..... the thing.
lmao lorhs. make us laugh.

dhen is uh,recess.
&english, forgot whad we did. lol.

dhen moral education, mr lee told us go ava rm.
and dhen he talk about de white house thing or smth.
and about law?
dhen talk until tht thing. LOL.
suddenly Eleazar say,
I don't want to have sex with anybody.
mr lee replied,
Who would want to have it with you?!

LOLS ! damn funny lahs.(:

dhen geog.
the mrs winnie yan or smth, makyup so heavy.

tday, tot go school at de normal time.
woke up at same time, called nadin at same time.
dhen, a sleepy voice on the phone. lol.
&dhen i suddenly rmb tday supposed tuh go later.

anyways,first period science.
dhen is project work.
we were talking about the sec two camp.suddenly ms chen standing bside us.
dhen we immediately, really immediately, chnge topic.
its lyk, i dunt even know whad happen can.

ME; the tshirts is pe shirt or our own ones?
Shi Ting; Is we all go the camp briefing alredy dhen they tell us mah.
Me; really meh?
Nadin; yah.
(tcher suddenly bside us)
Shi Ting; ehy, then the game we do whad huh?
Nadin; say alredy mah, monopoly.
Me; huh?
(saw tcher.)
Me; ohya hor. its monopoly whad.
Cheena &Kristie; (laughs)

LOL.i know, we are lame (:
uhs,dhen recess.
i dint eat anything, dam hungry laters.
and maths agn.sian !
dhen chinese, congrats, we gort scolded agn.
cause havent finish our holidays hw.

stayed back in class for like a whole two hours just to finish the chinese hw.
dhen went and passed up to tcher.
went to canteen to eat with jiaxin.

her dad drove me home.
my handphone was left on the van.
and i daren't tell my mum, she'll kill me !
i cant go out too, so my dear dear handphone, im very very sorry but i guess i'll have to wait til next monday to get you back.

dhen ther's still the china thing i have to complete.
and the presentation is on 30 Jan.
and mr yeo &haisong they all havent finished the slideshow.
how in the world am i, ZiQi &Kristie going to come up with the script?
plus there is the sec two camp.

zz.sians lahs.
nothing to do at home de :X

aye, nvm,i go watch videos on youtube or wherever.

i miss my handphone alredy !

all this sucks.