Tuesday, January 29, 2008

poor nadin.
lost her wallet tis morning and she only realised after she alighted form the bus.
i aso dun0 why she alighted at my stop -.-

&omg lahs.
i actually forgot whad we did in class tday,
well,xcept for the after sch part.
so shall only bloq bout after sch.

hmms,went to find mdm tok/ms chan.
waited for like half an hr dhen they came.
still no script. then mdm tok told us to go do the script first.

went out to eat, &went chenhui's class do th script.
was fooling around at first,bt in the end we decided nt to use scripts.
xcept for phang weiyang, of cause.
he so gong,ltr tmr embarrass everybody by nt knowing whad to say. xD

then finished it,called phang down for "rehearsal".
then went canteen halfway cause they ned to lock doors le.
then chenhui gt hit by the bball. thrown by phang's fren.
poor her luhs.

dhen went to find mdm tok agn.chenhui went home.
we edited a bit agn, rehearsed.

then can go le! :D
eleazar, jiaxin &nadin was waiting for me xD
went bbtea shop.
eleazar spon bubbletea! [:

bt then gastric,canot drink.
so gave back Eleazar the half finished bubbletea.
&walked home with Jiaxin.

&&,i forgot to hand in my maths!
omg,tmr confirm mati. :l
BOO. ]:

then then, nothing le [:
&&now have to bbye le :D

i am still waiting [: