Saturday, October 13, 2007

hmm,almost one week nvr blog le.
to me its lyk a few days only X:

me &my mum just went t IMM t buy winter clothes.
FOURHUNDRED in total ==
sian luhh,still hab t buy somemore things.
&dhen we still have to perform ther sia.lame luhhs.
need g for rehearsals,briefings,etc. ;v troublesome.

lalalals, anw ie gt back my mt paper one results..
63/90. nt my usual standard ==
cheena gt 74half, i tink she highest.

tags are replied at own blogs(:
wee,im addicted t naruto agn recently.LOL
gg watch agn,wakakas, so byee! (:

what is the use of working hard when you don`t believe yourself?